It´s all connected

Each location on the body are connected by the nerve fibers. Cause and effect.



The knowledge behind

All pain has a source.
The trick is to know were to look.
Find the source of the pain.
Quick and easy.



Even symptom has a source

Thru step by step system we filter down to the essentials. A interactive guide to knowledge.

Target your training

Get more out of your training. Take advantage of hundres of tailormade exercises.

Open for new experiance

We are adding new material all the time. Some time the material is thousans of year old. We can learn from both new and old experiance. How do we do it?

Clear communcation

Remote Medicine is perhaps more important than ever. The importance of clear communication between users and providers.


We give you a tool to adapt to your own head. Should it be incorporated into a medical record programs? Is it to improve a app for training? Or should it strengthen documentation and the decision of an insurance company.

The choice is yours. We supply the product.


Contact us. But better still - let's get together. Let's look at your business and see how CHAMP can help.