For the caregiver.

Medical record should not be complicated. More time for the patient. Less time on administration. We have developed a visually appealing and effective system in close cooperation with end users.
For the trainer.

A beautiful and effective workout system. A guide to better results. A profersionellt support for the coach. Suitable for a mobile life both in the gym and at home.
For you.

Hundreds of exercises. An ever growing number of programs put together by professional trainers. Programs designed for both rehabilitation, strength training, fat burning and endurance. CHAMP is built into the system to quickly filter the appropriate exercises. A new healthy living are a few clicks away.
Wherever it suits.

You have free access to your applications. All data is updated to your account. Your personal trainer is there to give you advice and support. Workout where you want. Personal training at a distance. You have the motivation, we have the tools.