Touch and tell.

When we describe something for someone else, it is easy to miss something. At a distance, it becomes even more difficult. We want everything to be clear and precise.

With a few clicks of CHAMP Remote, you can be sure that the right information is recived, stored and procceced the way you expected.
Your information.

Only you can know exactly where you are in pain. Only you know how much pain you have and how often it is so. No long explanations. Just click and submit your information.
Direct response.

Get suggestions on exercises directly related to your pain. Video and photo illustrations will guide you to a chance to feel better.
A better foundation.

If you need to visit a health care provider, you can bring your logged information about your training. You can also convey your pain through Remote Medicine. The caregiver can see directly where you click and better judge and advise. Even at a distance.